_ About Us

We provide high-quality free web hosting services since 2008.

HuLi Free Hosying was established in 2008, is a free hosting website in Mainland China. HK-host was established in 2010, is a free hosting website in HongKong.Two websites were merged in January 2011.After the merger, the website was managed by HKHosT Team and renamed HKHosT Free Hosting.

Due to various factors, PCCR Cloud took over HKHosT, and PCCR Cloud will continue to maintain the operation of HKHosT’s free service. We will continue to provide high-quality free web hosting services.

_ Self-developed Control Panel

We use Self-developed Control Panel

Our Self-developed Control Panel Support SSL,Restore Backup from remote server.

FTP Management

File Management

Database Management

Site Redirection

Cron Job Management

Multiple PHP version


Restore Backup from remote server

_ Data Security

We guarantee your data security in a variety of ways

RAID array

Using Ceph storage

HA failover automatically

Keep remote backups for at least one week

Restore Backup from remote server

_ Our Team

Professional and high-quality operation team

Our service is based on the PCCR cloud server cluster, using Ceph storage and configured with HA failover to ensure the availability of Web services; At the same time, we configure multi-master and slave database server on the internal network to achieve high-availability database services; On the network side, we configure WAF firewalls and The hardware firewall has certain DDoS and CC attack protection capabilities.

For free service users, HKHosT provides users with the most basic technical support services through the Ticket system, because the ticket system can intuitively and quickly obtain basic information about users and their services, so that our team can efficiently provide support services.If you need higher-level technical support services, please consider purchasing PCCR’s commercial products.

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