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Please read our TOS and Notice. To register our service, you have agree to the Terms of Service and Notice.

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Read the TOS and Notice

Please be sure to read the TOS and application notice in detail , Registering for our service means that you have read and agreed to our TOS and Notice.
Click Here to read our Terms of Service (TOS) ,Please read it carefully.

Application Notes

1. If the registration page shows that this data center is out of stock, please change it by yourself, otherwise your application will not be approved
2. We only accept application requests for some domain names (TLD), and other domain names (free/second-level domain names) may not be approved; we accept the following domain names:
3. Please fill in the registration information truthfully and disconnect the proxy server, otherwise it may be judged as fraud by the fraud protection module
4. Please complete the email verification and real-name verification of the account after the registration is submitted, otherwise the approval will not be approved
5. Please upload web content within 7 days after approval
6. Website introduction must be more than 30 words in Chinese or English
7. Only personal websites, non-profit organizations and corporate legal persons are allowed to apply, and commercial advertisements (Except for public service advertising) cannot be placed on the website.
8. Approval will not be processed on non-working days, manual approval will take some time, please wait patiently