Terms of Service

Thank you for joining and using the services provided by HKHosT (hereinafter referred to as “we/us”). When you submit your application for our services, it means that you have read and agreed to abide by our terms of service.

服务条款以中文版为准,其它语言版本仅供参考。The Chinese version of the terms of service shall prevail and other language versions are for reference only.

Account authenticity and data collection

1. Users need to register their own account, use their real name and email. (If needed)

2. If a user uses our service for any illegal purpose, we will terminate the service immediately, and we have the right to terminate the account without any confirmation of termination and liquidation backup. Based on this situation, we will not bear any costs or compensation (including illegal users” and “distributors”). We will also try our best to keep records, and if necessary, we will provide this information to the relevant government departments.

Free hosting service website content and usage agreement

3. It is forbidden to place the following content on HKHosT’s servers:

A. Pornographic content;

B. Incite or split the country;

C. Phishing website;

D. Terrorism and critical websites;

E. Violation of the terms;

F. Spam emails;

G. Prohibited or counterfeit products;

H. Indecent;

I. Violation of intellectual property rights;

J. False statement;

K. Viruses and destructive activities;

L. Hacking;

M. Anonymous proxy;

N. Violation of import and export control;

O. Backup storage;

P. Copyright product infringement;

Q. Web games;

R. Proxy server;

S. File sharing and storage engine;

T. Novel Website

U. Navigate the website

V. VOD related websites

W. Taobao related

X. Programs that have obvious security vulnerabilities or may affect other users’ use (such as DEDECMS, Twitter API, etc.)

Y. Other illegal activities that may affect the service

5. Each web hosting account has a limited disk space and bandwidth. Users cannot get more than the resources provided.

6. The user must confirm whether there are scripts that will use a large amount of CPU resources or memory resources of the server, otherwise the third point mentioned in the clause will be executed.

7. All content hosted and published on our servers does not involve our services. We will not be responsible for any problematic content of users. (As mentioned in the second point)

8. We do not bear any responsibility in the following situations:

A. Data damage, loss and leakage caused under any circumstances.

B. In any case, the website cannot be browsed.

C. The user’s own script problem caused an error on our server.

D. The user violates the terms of the agreement, resulting in permanent suspension or termination of the account.

E. Any case where the separation script is wrong.

F. Any website can not be browsed due to repairs.

9. Our backup service is only suitable for emergency use. In case of any circumstances that lead to our failure to restore some or all of the data and backups, we will not bear any responsibility and will not make any compensation.

10. We will not provide any support services that are not related to online storage accounts.

10A. The free hosting account is free of advertisements, but it is also not allowed to use our free hosting to insert advertisements including income content (EG. ADSENSE, ETC). If the discoverer will be notified, if not deleted, the account will be closed.

10B. We do not accept applications from users who use second-level domain names, free domain names, cheap domain names, or some new top-level domain names.

Customer's responsibilities

11. We do not allow any user to create multiple online storage accounts, otherwise all accounts applicable to the user will be terminated. 12. Users should remain calm and patient to use our services. If users have a bad attitude towards our service staff, we will consider taking appropriate actions.

Violations, blocking and termination

13. If we find any violation of the terms of service, we have the right to block and terminate the account without prior notice.

14. If the user’s account is blocked, the user must contact us within 7 days in order to retrieve the account or reactivate the account. Otherwise, the account will be terminated. Each user has only two opportunities to ask us to reactivate their account.

15. If the account is terminated, all backups stored on the backup server will also be cleared.

16. Website users are limited to less than 50 simultaneous online members.

Reseller Service Cooperation Plan

R1. Reseller are not allowed to charge users any fees. Once discovered, we will immediately suspend or terminate your account without providing any backup.

R2. All Resellers and their users are covered in our customer service agreement.

R3. The Reseller does not provide backup services, and we are not responsible for the Resellers for backup services.

R4. The Reseller needs to protect the shared IP address. Once the IP address is blocked by Mainland China, the Reseller will have to pay the cost of IP conversion. Otherwise, we will not provide backups to users.

R5. We will not provide any technical support to users created by Resellers, we will only provide server-related technical support.

R6. Resellers shall not require users to place advertisements. Once discovered, we will immediately suspend or terminate your account without providing any backup.

R7. If the Reseller plan is not used by CIT, we will follow the following points:

1. Web hosting: downgrade to normal plan

2. No activity: account suspensionReseller

E-mail notification

When some emergencies occur or your account is blocked, our system will automatically send an email notification, but due to various factors, you may not receive the email notification sent by the system. We regret the consequences, but Do not assume any responsibility, please try to check the email notification in time to understand our latest developments and emergency announcements.

Applicable law

A. If there is any conflict between the provisions of this clause and the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the country or region where the server is located, the relevant laws and regulations shall prevail.

B. Where there is a conflict between the laws of the People’s Republic of China and the laws of the country or region where the server is located, the laws of the People’s Republic of China shall prevail.

C. Designated jurisdiction: If the negotiation fails, it shall be submitted to the Shenzhen Arbitration Commission for arbitration in accordance with the arbitration rules currently in force at the time of application for arbitration. The arbitration award is final and binding on both parties.


17. Users must upload their own website within 7 days. If you have any special requirements within 7 days, please contact us.

18. The user must truthfully provide personal information when submitting the application, otherwise, if any dispute occurs due to hypocrisy, all consequences shall be borne by the user.

19. We reserve the right to reject any application.

20. We reserve the right to make any changes to these terms at any time. 21. We reserve the right to make any changes to these terms at any time without notice.

Last updated: March 25, 2016